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LadyStella Creations was established in 1994 to provide wools, fabrics, original clothes and authentic costumes based on period designs for theatre, film and television, as well as private commissions for weddings and public appearances.


These exclusive designs are now available and made-to-order, together with you, as unique custom-made wardrobes for men, women and children. Designs also now include Punky Fish originals.


 We also created the original SAY NO TO PLASTICS Campaign




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After assembling your calico prototype, you can use this to fine tune your design. Try it on and see what adjustments need to be made - you can even mark the prototype garment using a felt-tip pen.


Once you're happy with the shape and movement of the garment, it's time to attach the pattern to your chosen fabric and get cutting. With all the pieces ready, you can now assemble your very own original design outfit, tailor-made to fit you.


With a good story, with well interpreted themes, cut with just the right fabrics and colours, you can feel comfortable and stylish at any occasion.

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