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LadyStella Creations was established in 1994 to provide wools, fabrics, original clothes and authentic costumes based on period designs for theatre, film and television, as well as private commissions for weddings and public appearances.


These exclusive designs are now available and made-to-order, together with you, as unique custom-made wardrobes for men, women and children. Designs also now include Punky Fish originals.


 We also created the original SAY NO TO PLASTICS Campaign




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The choice of fabrics today can be bewildering. Lady Stella Creations recognises that quality clothing is dependant on using good material. In today's punishing environment, any outfit must survive modern environments and handling, while remaining stylish and true to the original design.


With the experience of designing costumes for stage and film, Lady Stella Creations is able to create striking outfits for the family using fabrics that will always look good.


If the outfit is based on a classical design and is historically accurate in its stitching and design, then the choice of fabric is also important. Much research has been done at Lady Stella to ensure that any period costumes are as historically accurate as possible, to the greatest level of detail.


For more information on fabrics used in Lady Stella designs, please email or call +44 (0) 7092 302 805